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“Clean It Worcestershire”



St Peter's * Kempsey * St John's * Rushwick * Powick* Lower Broadheath * Hallow * Norton * Warndon Villages * Claines * Bevere * Fernhill Heath * Wadborough * Drakes Broughton


(Such as terrace housing, limited or no parking, no access to the rear of the property via a gate)



  • Gutter debris removal.

  • Gutter & fascia & soffit cleaning.

  • Conservatory cleaning.

  • Conservatory roof cleaning.

  • Solar panel cleaning.


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Why choose us over the scores of other cleaning companies in Worcestershire?

Because we pride ourselves on being contactable and responsive, respectful and professional, reliable and punctual. We believe this is what a modern cleaning company should be like and what people rightly deserve.

Because we go above & beyond the standards that others are willing to provide and we have a very high attention to detail.

We approach our work very diligently and methodically and we aim to provide the highest of standards each and every time.

We believe that a job should be done properly or not at all, so we never compromise our high standards!

We have over 18 years experience in the cleaning industry so we have acquired the knowledge, experience, methods and techniques that are required to get the job done correctly and efficiently to a high standard and quality finish.


We do our utmost to offer a friendly and impeccably high quality service that is focused on customer satisfaction.

We take a great deal of pride in what we do and in providing an excellent service to all of our customers.


We are fully insured with “public liability” insurance providing cover up to £5,000,000


To view our recent work portfolio please search for our google my business page and there you can view our recent work portfolio.

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact, we will be more than happy to help in anyway possible.

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If you would like an instant quote then please send us pictures of all the windows or guttering or conservatory roof at your home and we will be able to give you an instant quote. For pressure washing we will need to attend your property and take measurements and visually inspect the area that needs cleaning. please forward pictures to our WhatsApp or email address.

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Services We Offer

You can count on Clean It Worcestershire to not only meet, but exceed all your cleaning needs and requests. Learn more about the services we provide below, and let us know if you’d like to learn more about a specific service.

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Window Cleaning 

We clean the glass, the frames, and the windows sills and front and back doors to a streak free shine, with pure water only. New customers will incur a first clean surcharge, this is due to the extra time it takes to get the windows back to their best condition. you will be made aware of this prior to the commencement of any cleaning.


Conservatory Roof Cleaning 

We can clean your conservatory roof, removing most algae and built up dirt using our pure water and soft brushes. (Heavy dirt may require upvc cleaner) (Oxidised/stained panels unfortunately can not been restored to “like new” condition)


Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels work more effectively and efficiently when they are clean, which in turn saves you money. We can clean solar panels with our pure water system. As long we can see them from the ground we can reach them with our telescopic poles. Charges vary depending on the amount of panels you have.


Gutter Debris Removal

Are your gutters working effectively? Working up to heights of 40ft we can effectively empty your guttering of moss, leaves and any other obstructions that cause blockages. Emptying guttering is vital to ensure your property doesn’t sustain any damage caused by damp due to the guttering not draining correctly. We will need to visit your property and assess the area that requires cleaning to give an accurate quote.


Gutter, Fascia Board & Soffit Cleaning

We can externally clean all your guttering, fascia boards and soffits (including down pipes). Working at heights up to 55ft. This can usually be done with pure water only but if your guttering is particularly dirty or heavily coated in algae then occasionally we will need to apply upvc cleaner first to break down stubborn dirt/algae. We will need to visit your property and assess the area that requires cleaning to give an accurate quote. (On occasions guttering & fascia boards that have been dirty for many years will have stained and this can not be removed without using restorative creams).

Hours Of Business

Mon - Fri : 6am - 6pm

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Contact us

Questions, comments or requests? 
Feel free to reach out, we’d love to hear from you.

Fill out the form here and press "submit" or contact us via phone (mobile first).

We will attempt to reply to you within 24 hours.

(Please remember to include your address and contact details in any enquiries you make). 

07860601159 or 01905 554399

Thanks for submitting!

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Clean It Worcestershire Terms Of Use

By using my services you thereby agree to my terms of conditions.

Payment Method -

My only accepted method of payment is a direct debit payment system called “GoCardless” unfortunately I am unable to accept any other form of payment. 

This ensures I get paid within 7 days and you don’t have to remember to make a payment, allowing you easy access to my services.

Frequency Of Cleans -

The agreed frequency of clean will be adhered to by myself except in such circumstances as holidays, certain severe weather conditions or sickness or any other unforeseen circumstances.

Reminder Service -

You will be contacted via text message, email or phone call the day before my visit. This will allow you sufficient time to close all windows and unlock any gates to allow free access to your property.

Cleaning Windows In The Rain -

The equipment I use is the industry standard and as such makes cleaning your windows in the rain possible, without it affecting the final results. However if you should cancel a clean on the day due to rain I will not be able to reschedule your clean until the next due date and I reserve the right to cancel your service if you consistently cancel cleans due to rain.

Cancelled Cleans - 

If you cancel a clean on the day or I am unable to access all or part of your property because of locked gates then I will unfortunately not be able to reschedule the clean until the next due date and I reserve the right to cancel your service if you consistently cancel cleans.

Skipped Cleans -

If cleans are regularly skipped I reserve the right to either cancel your service or charge you an extra £5-£10 on your next clean. This is because the idea of regular cleans is to keep the cleanliness of your windows maintained, the extra cost reflects the extra work needed due to a previously cancelled clean. I reserve the right to cancel your service if you consistently skip cleans.

Velux Windows - 

I can not guarantee a perfect finish on velux windows, this is due to the angle they are positioned at, usually being mounted on a roof makes them difficult to scrub thoroughly. I will however endeavour to clean them as thoroughly as possible.

Pre-existing Damage -

The equipment I use is proven not to scratch glass. However occasionally the cleaning process can show up existing scratches and imperfections.

I can not be held responsible for pre-existing faults or damage from manufacturing, installation or general poor condition of your property, this includes but is not limited too scratches on the glass, poorly fitted windows, doors, fascia’s, guttering, window/conservatory trims, unsecured windows and doors, leaking seals, decorative bars, lead on windows, rotting frames, flaking paint, open or broken window vents.

If You Are Unhappy -

If you are unhappy in anyway with any of the services I have provided to you then let me know within 48 hours and I will rectify any issues free of charge.

*Before contacting me regarding unsatisfactory window cleaning please ensure the windows are not dirty on the inside or between the panels*

Unpaid Debts -

Failure to pay for any work that has been completed will result in our company initiating a debt recovery process.

Pre Work Assessment -

Please also look at our services page on our website which fully explains the specific job/s that we are going to complete.

Before engaging in any larger works, i.e. pressure cleaning/gutter debris removal/fascia & soffit cleaning etc, we would first attend your property to assess what works you require and we will highlight any potential issues that may arise during the cleaning process and detail these in a written disclaimer, which we will provide before commencing any works. 

We will not be willing to carry out any works until this assessment and disclaimer process has been completed

We are fully insured with “public liability” insurance providing cover up to £5,000,000

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Set Up A Direct Debit

Gocardless Direct Debit

GoCardless are the market leading company in facilitating being able to request recurring direct debit payments from customers.

(GoCardless company registration number is 07495895) 

GoCardless Ltd, Sutton Yard, 65 Goswell Road, London, EC1V 7EN

They are a company that have over 40,000 registered customers around the globe.

They are authorised by the financial conduct authority under the payment services regulations 2017, registration number 597190, for the provision of payment services.

The benefits of direct debit payment using “Gocardless”

There is no need to remember to have cash on hand or to take time out of your busy schedule to pay via a bank transfer, with “GoCardless” all the hassle is eliminated for you as everything is automated because the payment electronically comes out of your account.

This payment only comes out of your bank account if we request it from your bank account, so if we for any reason don’t complete any work for you then you won’t make any payments.

With GoCardless, the payment comes out of your account 5 days after our visit, you are notified via email from GoCardless that a payment has been requested 3 to 5 days in advance, giving you the chance to raise any issues about the payment and initiate a refund request if need be.

The payment will appear on your bank statement as “GoCardless Ltd” or 

“Clean It Worcestershire”

You are fully protected under the Direct Debit Guarantee, meaning you have the right to cancel and receive a full refund for any payment taken in error.

You can cancel the Direct Debit at any time, for example through your online banking, immediately stopping future payments (although this will of course affect access to our services).

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