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Professional Quality Assured Services

You can count on Clean It Worcestershire to not only meet, but exceed all your cleaning needs and requests. Learn more below about the services we provide, and let us know if you’d like to learn more about a specific offering.

Services: Services

We clean the glass, the frames, and the windows sills and front and back doors to a streak free shine, with pure water only. Prices start from £10. Heavily soiled windows that have not been cleaned for a long period of time may incur a first clean surcharge, this is due to the extra time it takes to get the windows back to their best condition. you will be made aware of this prior to the commencement of any cleaning.


We can clean your conservatory roof, removing most algae and built up dirt using our pure water and soft brushes. Prices start at £30. (Heavy dirt may require upvc cleaner) (Oxidised/stained panels unfortunately can not been restored to “like new” condition)


Using our industrial pressure cleaning equipment we can pressure clean almost any hard surfaces using either our industry revolutionising turbo lance or flat rotary cleaning disc. Pricing will need to be calculated by visiting your property and assessing the area that requires cleaning, but prices can start from as low as £50. (Occasionally due to deeply ingrained dirt etc some surfaces will need to be treated with a softwash chemical. This process would incur an additional cost).


We can completely valet your conservatory. This service includes cleaning the exterior and interior of your conservatory which would include the roof exterior and interior. This is usually a one off larger cleaning job that is done every few years or after build up of heavy dirt and algae. Due to the lengthy cleaning process this job is priced accordingly, usually in the region of £65 to £95 but the pricing is dependent on size of the conservatory and severity of the build up of dirt/algae.


Solar panels work more effectively and efficiently when they are clean, which in turn saves you money. We can clean solar panels with our pure water system. As long we can see them from the ground we can reach them with our telescopic poles. Charges vary depending on amount of panels you have but generally our charge is £5 per panel but if you have many multiples of panels the price decreases to £2.50 per panel.


Are your gutters working effectively? Working up to heights of 40ft using our camera operated gutter hoover we can effectively empty your guttering of moss, leaves and any other obstructions that cause blockages. Emptying guttering is vital to ensure your property doesn’t sustain any damage caused by damp due to the guttering not draining correctly. We are able to provide video or picture evidence to the customer if required. Prices start from as low as £30 per length of guttering, although we will need to visit your property and assess the area that requires cleaning to give an accurate quote.


We can externally clean all your guttering, fascia boards and soffits (including down pipes). Working at heights up to 55ft. This can usually be done with pure water only but if your guttering is particularly dirty or heavily coated in algae then occasionally we will need to apply upvc cleaner first to break down stubborn dirt/algae. Prices start from as low as £30 per length of guttering, although we will need to visit your property and assess the area that requires cleaning to give an accurate quote. (On occasions guttering & fascia boards that have been dirty for many years will have stained and this can not be removed without using restorative creams).

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