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Clean It Worcestershire Terms Of Use

By using my services you thereby agree to my terms of conditions.

Payment Method -

My only accepted method of payment is a direct debit payment system called “GoCardless” unfortunately I am unable to accept any other form of payment. 

This ensures I get paid within 7 days and you don’t have to remember to make a payment, allowing you easy access to my services.

Frequency Of Cleans -

The agreed frequency of clean will be adhered to by myself except in such circumstances as holidays, certain severe weather conditions or sickness or any other unforeseen circumstances.

Reminder Service -

You will be contacted via text message, email or phone call the day before my visit. This will allow you sufficient time to close all windows and unlock any gates to allow free access to your property.

Cleaning Windows In The Rain -

The equipment I use is the industry standard and as such makes cleaning your windows in the rain possible, without it affecting the final results. However if you should cancel a clean on the day due to rain I will not be able to reschedule your clean until the next due date and I reserve the right to cancel your service if you consistently cancel cleans due to rain.

Cancelled Cleans - 

If you cancel a clean on the day or I am unable to access all or part of your property because of locked gates then I will unfortunately not be able to reschedule the clean until the next due date and I reserve the right to cancel your service if you consistently cancel cleans.

Skipped Cleans -

If cleans are regularly skipped I reserve the right to either cancel your service or charge you an extra £5-£10 on your next clean. This is because the idea of regular cleans is to keep the cleanliness of your windows maintained, the extra cost reflects the extra work needed due to a previously cancelled clean. I reserve the right to cancel your service if you consistently skip cleans.

Velux Windows - 

I can not guarantee a perfect finish on velux windows, this is due to the angle they are positioned at, usually being mounted on a roof makes them difficult to scrub thoroughly. I will however endeavour to clean them as thoroughly as possible.

Pre-existing Damage -

The equipment I use is proven not to scratch glass. However occasionally the cleaning process can show up existing scratches and imperfections.

I can not be held responsible for pre-existing faults or damage from manufacturing, installation or general poor condition of your property, this includes but is not limited too scratches on the glass, poorly fitted windows, doors, fascia’s, guttering, window/conservatory trims, unsecured windows and doors, leaking seals, decorative bars, lead on windows, rotting frames, flaking paint, open or broken window vents.

If You Are Unhappy -

If you are unhappy in anyway with any of the services I have provided to you then let me know within 48 hours and I will rectify any issues free of charge.

*Before contacting me regarding unsatisfactory window cleaning please ensure the windows are not dirty on the inside or between the panels*

Unpaid Debts -

Failure to pay for any work that has been completed will result in our company initiating a debt recovery process.

Pre Work Assessment -

Please also look at our services page on our website which fully explains the specific job/s that we are going to complete.

Before engaging in any larger works, i.e. pressure cleaning/gutter debris removal/fascia & soffit cleaning etc, we would first attend your property to assess what works you require and we will highlight any potential issues that may arise during the cleaning process and detail these in a written disclaimer, which we will provide before commencing any works. 

We will not be willing to carry out any works until this assessment and disclaimer process has been completed

We are fully insured with “public liability” insurance providing cover up to £5,000,000

Terms Of Use: Terms of Use
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