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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you clean the frames and window sills?​

Yes, we clean glass, frames and window sills and front and back doors each visit at no extra cost.

Do you clean my windows in the rain?

Yes, rain water is very clean and wont affect the quality of the window cleaning, so even if its raining or rains after our visit your windows will dry clean and clear.

How often do you clean windows?

Generally we only clean windows on a monthly or bimonthly frequency.

What if i'm not satisfied?

If you inform us within 48 hours we will attend your property and if we haven't done something correctly we will rectify the issue free of charge.

What payment methods do we except?

We prefer direct debit payments which will only come out of your account if we clean your windows and request it from your bank, if we do not come you do not pay anything. This is a system where once the work is completed you will receive an email and the money will leave your account after 3-5 days, this is covered by the direct debit guarantee set up all banks. We also except bank transfer, card payments, or cash.

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